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Xilnex is a Cloud POS System that is designed to fulfill point-of-sale(POS) requirements for any business. It provides information about your current sales at your finger-tips, no matter where you are.

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Our software is optimised to cater and cover different business types that range from apparels, services to F&B. This user-friendly yet sophisticated POS system is able to comply with your business commands, no matter how complicated it may be.
It’s so easy, even the “IT-blind” can operate it!

Relevant to any business, Xilnex Cloud POS is so easy to use, even the “IT-blind” can operate it!


Account Management

E-commerce Platform

Engineered for Performance

Measurement Control

What We Have In a Glance


Cloud System

Retail Specific Security Features

Mobile Reporting

Electronic Payment System

What We Have In a Glance

Account Management

Monitor your business from anywhere you are

E-commerce Platform

Extend your brick and mortar influence to the online world

Lifetime Upgrade

Always the latest version with auto updates

Measurement Control

Essential tool for all F&B businesses

Cloud System

All information safe and protected in cloud

Retail Specific Security Features

SSL Security enforces encryptions that protect your data

Mobile Reporting

Reports sent directly to your mobile device

Electronic Payment System

Flexible payments to ease your customers

Free Guide to Manage Your Inventory

Learn the best possible way to build your inventory, manage it and strike the right balance for your stocks.




Xilnex understands the importance of data to you. Integrating SQL Azure into Xilnex allows you to have an unlimited amount of data storage for your customers. SQL Azure provides high availability (ensures an agreed level of operational performance for peak periods) by storing multiple copies of databases with the use of elastic scale and rapid provisioning.


With Xilnex’s sophisticated system, we are able to produce any report you want from your business, informing you about your company’s performance that is accurate to the minute. It is integrated with a server which we can seamlessly increase its performance to suit your demands. We’ve got your system performances covered.

SSL Security

Xilnex ensures the security of your data; your entire customer data are securely transferred through the SSL Security System. All data from your POS System and servers are all fully encrypted and are protected from any network attack during the data transfer.


Xilnex is certified a Common Criteria Level 1 software. This shows that Xilnex software is consistent with its functionality and is secure from any security threats that might harm the software. Using Xilnex as your POS System will ensure the consistency of your software performance.

Offline Capability

With Xilnex, never miss a sale even at the event of being offline. This cloud POS system feature is uniquely Xilnex. We are aware of the concern that your store has to constantly be online, hence Xilnex has developed a component that allows the POS System to still run, even if you are offline. Most importantly, all information about your sales and activities registered during the offline mode will be uploaded to the cloud once your system goes online.


Xilnex is window’s based software, which means it can be integrated to any devices that are window based can install Xilnex. As Xilnex is not just the average POS system only, Xilnex can even integrate into handheld device which used for stock checking and many more.


Xilnex is a Windows- based software, meaning that it can be integrated to any device that is Windows-based. Unlike other average POS systems, Xilnex can also integrate onto any hand-held device, useful for stock checking and other business updates.



Xilnex provides your sales team with all the tools they need to serve your customers effectively in each step during the sales cycle.

  • Capable of checking real time invoice on the most updated POS transaction. It is accurate to the minute.
  • Capable of completing the sales process. It automatically converts quotes to orders which will then be processed as sale or service.


  • Capable of building a loyalty program to appreciate your loyal customers. Just automate the discount based on the customisable criteria.
  • Product pricing can be automatically updated once pre-defined conditions are met.


• Xilnex has the capability to generate automated SMS blasting about your latest promotions, product updates or information to customers. Just pre-define the promotions on our system.


F&B’s often face different food order demands like ‘less salt’, ‘less sugar’ or ‘less oil’ from customers. It is often difficult to pass these messages to the kitchen to fulfill the customer’s specific demands. Overcome this through Xilnex’s POS system, where specific demands on food or beverages can be set to fit your customer’s needs. Getting an accurate order can lower food wastage.


Xilnex is integrated with Shopify. All products that are inserted into Xilnex’s POS System can synchronise directly with Shopify’s system. You can start your online business directly and increase your sales revenue by clicking on Online E-Commerce.


With Xilnex’s tracking system, you can trace the management of your stockpile by day. An exact quantity of your products is provided daily so that it is easy for you to resize the supply in your store.


Xilnex will also be able to track both your franchised business sales result and also stock availability with a click of a button. Manage all your franchises hassle free. All you need is a laptop or a smart phone.


Collaborating with Touch ‘n GO and MOL, Xilnex is capable of accepting payments from EPS.



Xilnex is able to customise specific reward systems for your customers. Use the customised redemption system based on customer rewarding criteria.



The embedded CRM System is able to create membership points system. Try the SMS & E-mail Marketing function to boost your company sales margin.


Xilnex is able to customise the specific reporting format you want on your report. Our automated reporting system can also be set at any time you want. It allows you to track how your store is performing daily.


The reporting system can be accessed anywhere and anytime you want; as long as you have a laptop or a smartphone.


Reports of POS System transactions, sales, stocks and retail store performance are shown on a dashboard format. In other words, using the POS System, a complete summary of your business can be seen on a single page.



Xilnex POS system can also be your accounting solution as it is able to synchronize with the SQL Accounting system. If you’re using the SQL Accounting System, just sync it with Xilnex and your accounting process will be made easier.



Xilnex is able to create temporary remote permission for special authentication at the event when the person-in-charge is not present. It can be used for voiding transactions, alteration of transactions and etc.


Xilnex POS system does more than sales system monitoring; it also monitors your store’s employee’s attendance. Xilnex can monitor through RFID or Thumb Print scan for attendance verification.



Xilnex is integrated with SQL Azure with unlimited data storage. Our real-time reporting feature allows you to view and produce reports at any time. SSL Security System fully encrypts data, providing maximum protection during data transfers. Certified Common Criteria Level 1 this software assures functional consistency.


All data will be brought up to the Cloud System when synced, allowing you to view it through any Windows-based or mobile device. Xilnex is also operational offline. All information will be synced once the system is back online.


It is sales service made easy with an updated POS transaction every minute. This automated program converts quotes to orders and later, a complete sale. Your promotional items can also be customised and pre-defined to serve your customers. Shout about your special promotions via our SMS marketing tool.


We provide measurement control service for F&B businesses and retail POS for shopowners. Those who delve into e-commence, Xilnex is integrated with Shopify. Track your stockpile with our tracking system that is also manages your franchised outlets. Xilnex also accepts all electronic payment systems (EPS).


Reward your loyal customers with special rewards or redemptions that can be customised using Xilnex. Create a membership point system for your consumers with our embedded CRM System to keep them coming back.


Adjust data to any form of report using our automated reporting feature anytime and anywhere. For a simplified view, all your data and information reporting is done on the Xilnex dashboard offering an instant summary of your business sales.


Syncronise your accounts with the SQL Accounting System that Xilnex can sync to for an easy accounting process.


When the person-in-charge is not in the store, use the remote permission for special authentications. Using the same system, you can also monitor attendance of your store employees.

A POS system that simplifies your business growth!

Xilnex is for all window based system.

Easy to use but equipped with sophisticated features, Xilnex is a system that is able to cater retail management up to the enterprise level.

Low Upfront Price

Xilnex is an independent software that can run on any Windows-based Operating System. Therefore, your up-front setup fee can be very low as you can just recycle the hardware that you have used before integrating to our software. Your installation fees will only cover the software fee.

Life –time upgrade

As Xilnex is a Cloud POS System, our software is capable to do an on-going upgrade to the latest version. We constantly look into improving our software in terms of performance and also usability. As long as you are connected to the Internet, Xilnex will automatically update your software to the latest version

Not Just a POS system

Xilnex does not only manage your point-of-sale, we take it a step further. We integrate CRM, Attendance Monitoring, Remote Permission, Accounting, E-commerce and Stock Checking. All these extra bonuses are to simplify your company growth and accommodate your future business expansion. We are not just thinking for your business today but for your future.

Automated System

Xilnex is an automated POS System that just requires an initial setup to function. Even for the promotions & rewards system, if you are able foresee your company’s promotion for a whole year, Xilnex is able to automate it. When the registered date arrives, the promotion will auto initiate without requiring another setup. Run on an automated and unlimited space instantly as long as the crucial setup of Xilnex is done.

Cloud System

Xilnex is a Cloud-based system that constantly updates information to the Cloud, providing data lost protection. The Cloud will also enable you to access any POS result, with business reports accessible anywhere and anytime. Xilnex charges on a monthly pay-per-use basis. Not using our POS system during a specific month? No worries, there will be no charges incurred for that month.

Easy Integration

Xilnex is a Windows-based system which enables it to be installed on any device as long as Windows is its operating system. Windows is the universal Operating System which has more than 50% of market shares of any devices across the globe. Our back-end control is a web-based control that allows you to use on any device with web browsers. If your company is running a Windows-based system, your integration to Xilnex will be seamless.


Data is crucial to run a business. We make it our priority to protect these data. Xilnex has the best data protection for your business. There is no hassle as all the data transfer between your POS system to the server is SSL Security protect with encryptions that protects your data. Xilnex is also certified as “Common Criteria Level 1”. We not just are protecting it from been hacked but also from getting lost. Because our system is Cloud-based, if there happens to be any hardware malfunction that causes data loss, Xilnex will be able to recover all your data that has been uploaded..

Mobile Integration (Coming Soon)

Expected to launch on the fourth quarter of 2015, Xilnex will venture into smartphone apps. This will enable the POS System reports to be accessed through the Xilnex phone app. Further details on its features will be announced later. Stay tuned because this space will be updated soon!

USD15Per Month (Paid Annually)
$19 for Monthly Subscription
Single Location
Point-of-Sales System Only
Simple Web Report
Email Support
USD80Per Month (Paid Annually)
$99 for Monthly Subscription
Basic Access to All Functions
Supply Chain Management
Attendance System
Request for Quote
Advance Access to all Functions
Automated Commision
Integrated Marketing
Business Intelligent Analysis
Premier Usage Passes
USD15Per Month (Paid Annually)
Point-of-Sales System Only
Simple Web Report
Email Support
USD80Per Month (Paid Annually)
Supply Chain Management
Request for Quote
Anything you need!
The prices displayed above are based on monthly charges per location. Several POS systems on a single location is considered a unit.

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