The idea to refurbish and to undo the out of date designs in your retail store has been contemplated several times. If you are one of those who are looking to paint a new look to your store in efforts to draw more potential customers into your store, which is probably a good idea.

Brand and Product go Hand in Hand

There are many ways to revamp, and one of them is to redesign your brand, logo or product. However, during this phase, it is important that no matter what you are changing, that you think about your brand and product as one. If you are going for a futuristic design, do ensure that your product reflects your brand and vice versa. If you are considering a rebranding, it is crucial to consider the overall look. Draw up your ideas and run through it with potential customers; research the market and its trends. When all is said and done, make sure the execution is flawless as well. From how the logo looks, to how the brand is marketed; all congruent with your product or service.

Strong Customer Service is Crucial

Maybe a physical revamp is not what you need; a service improvement maybe? Well, if you want to see your sales go up, you know it all boils down to customer service. If you take care of your customers, they will keep coming back. Not only that, they will leave a good word or two with their friends and family and in no time, you’d be serving them too. However, if you give them a bad experience, you’re going to have a hard time getting them to visit again. In U.S, companies are reported to lose an estimated USD41 million every year because of issues stemmed from poor customer service. For starter, brushing up on P’s and Q’s (please and thank you) are the fundamentals to giving your customer satisfactory customer service. If you suspect that your employees are not giving their best when it comes to customer service, consider giving them a pep-talk, sending them for training or maybe ask yourself if you are treating them well enough. Remember that your salespersons should be offering advice and information, not just hard selling your products. Customers will feel uncomfortable with constant pressure from your sales staff.

People Still Judge a Book by its Cover

Put yourself in the shoes of a consumer. When you are shopping in a mall and you see two stores selling what you think would have the item you’d like to buy. One with aisles properly marked and another with none, one with displays arranged attractively and another with unorganised or unfinished displays; the store with that is presented orderly would be the one that would attract you to enter. A store that has products or aisles that are not properly labeled and displayed causes consumers to search high and low for the item they want to purchase. They may become frustrated and leave. This calls for proper organisation. Read up on effective ways to display products and read about fonts on displays and also colour schemes that make customers comfortable to continue strolling in your store. Lighting also plays an important part. It elevates your product in subtle ways by guiding the eyes and accentuating colours and shapes, making it more attractive to the buyer.

Offline-online Seamless Shopping

Last and definitely not least, you can consider a revamp by making your business up to date with the times. The hottest trend right now is the offline-online seamless shopping.  Of course, there are many levels on how you want to implement it. There are some who just want an online web and mobile app presence without many complications of linking sales and orders. It can be used to track loyalty card points, share promotions, and update new items for your customers to be in the know about your brand. Other options include higher level omnichannel experiences. Those include electronic payments via the app, making orders and collecting items in-store, and scanning items they want to buy in-store to make payments via the app later.

Putting effort to improve your service, whether in a digital or physical aspect creates a better environment for customers and continues to make your brand and store relevant to the community.