1.    It is secure

Contrary to popular belief, the cloud is an unreliable and an unknown space to store data. It is said that keeping them on a physically owned device is better.

The fact is there is also danger of losing data permanently when it is saved on a physical device. Think natural disasters or accidents… and the very possible drive malfunction that may wipe the memory on your computer.

However, with cloud, information that is stored is immediately encrypted. Therefore, sensitive information is not saved on the back-end office, exposed to the elements that you can’t control.  On cloud, if anything destructive we to befall your hardware, you will still be able to access your information on cloud.

2.  It is scalable

It’s during the festive season or when a new collection comes in (for retail) that the shelves start stocking up. It’s also time to stress on your inventory size on your POS. There is only limit on how much data you can put on a specific data storage space given.

However, with cloud, it’s an infinite medium to store data – securely. The elasticity of cloud makes it a popular choice among today’s generation of businesses. Many are also moving their growing businesses to cloud.

3.  It is automatically updated

Essentially for a POS system is that it gets outdated. It’s like software on your phone or your computer. In order to not be stuck using an outdated system, you just have to update it. When your POS is not on cloud, it is actually a hardware that records information and manages your business at one place. After a few years when the software is working slower and unable to face with the current and more modern demands, you will have to reinvest on something more recent.

Cloud’s solution to this an automatic upgrade. It does not matter what kind of hardware you use as long as your software handles the management of your business they way you want it to – no extra charges.

4.     It works in the absence of the Internet

Some of you might be thinking, yea, great service and all but the Internet connection in my area is down in the dumps. It appears when it wants to and disappears the same way. How are you going to conduct service this way?

Well, you can with cloud POS. Transactions during business times minus the Internet will be saved on a local cache. All information will then be synced right after the Internet is connected. Updates on the real time report may not be updated until the Internet is reconnected, but no data is lost.

You now know the power that cloud POS can do for your business. Empower your business to grow leaps and bounds by subscribing to Xilnex Cloud POS. Try our 30-day free trial today!