It’s undeniable that the countries that sum up ASEAN are unique and very much treasured by wanderlust-ers around the world. The ASEAN region consists of countries with different economic abilities, natural wonders and captivating cultures. Tap into the potential that the unique countries ASEAN offers. Here, Xilnex lists some possible business and investment opportunities for you to make the most out of the location you are at; by targeting the tourists.

  1. Push-cart Party

What is cuter and more attractive than a push cart that sells local delicacies that are subtle enough for tourists to be easily accustomed to? As most of us live in countries where the climate is rather warm all year round, having a modern slash pixie push cart selling ice cream would require low investment and happy returns. What about ice-lollies, home-made drinks, crunchy snacks, iced coffee or other interesting edibles?

  1. What do you have to rent?

If you have a possession that tourists might want to rent, or have an idea of something that can be rented to gain extra income, it is time to do it; especially if you live or work in a vicinity that attracts tourists. In cities, you can rent cars, motorcycles and bicycles. At scenic places, try renting cameras (you’d want them to insert their own SD cards though) or binoculars. As for island holidays, why not rent snorkelling gear and kayaks. Maybe you are located near a national park, well why not try renting tents or portable cooking equipment? You just need to be sensitive to the needs of the tourists.

  1. Food talks successfully

And because it does, it is often a great idea to serve food (or beverages) but setting up a café or a restaurant that does just that. To attract the throng of tourists, as usual, there must be an array of local cuisine that you might want to specialise in. Also, not to forget the ambience that you set up in your café or restaurant. Serve what your guests expect to be served with and more.

  1. Souvenirs

Nimble fingers and good collections can actually go far. Tourists often look for local memorabilia to take home during their travels. Some would want to get souvenirs for their friends and family, some want to take home exotic collections for their home. Whatever it is, it can run as a small project leading up to a potential attraction with little capital and good management and hospitality.

  1. Laundromat

One thing that most travellers suffer from is the amount of clothes they will have to try to wash in the hotel or motel’s bathroom sink. This happens most often where the climate is hot with high humidity. That sounds like South East Asia alright. But if there is a laundromat around the area where tourist can drop off their clothes for a quick wash and dry, that will be a deal too good to pass.

Do you have a business run at a tourist-saturated area? Tell us about it. In fact, we might be able to help you expand it with Xilnex Cloud POS, a point of sale system that is also a command centre; making businesses run faster and smoother.