Here comes the last chapter installment of ‘Shopping Habits of Women’. This time, we look at Metro Manila in the Philippines.  . A metropolis that is composed of different cities and an urban fringe, Metro Manila is the ‘National Capital Region’ where more than 10 million people reside. Author of The New York Times Bestseller, Dan Brown, described Metro Manila as the gates of hell as he takes in his view of scattered settlements scattered all over the city from urban migration, the burning heat and endless traffic congestion.

Based on a survey by Hakuhodo, a Japanese advertising company that looks into market search and conducts advertising surveys; it has found several traits among women shoppers in South East Asia. The agency surveyed women aged 15-54 in seven major cities in the region, asking them about their interests and habits.

They later categorise the habits that the women exhibited during their shopping escapades. This information is crucial because it helps you know about your target audience better. Knowing them will allow you to make the right decisions to target them towards your business or educate you about the relevance of your business to the community.

Looking at the numbers by Hakuhodo, out of 1,850 respondents, 33.5% consists of smart and careful shoppers. If you have read the other articles in this series, you would know that they are the ones who consider themselves as good shoppers. They consider their purchases carefully, are generally price conscious and do a thorough study on products before purchase. 20.3% of the respondents make up the family and community first shoppers. Those who are not brand conscious but go about shopping for the sake of providing for the family. They look for low prices and bargains and usually shop for the needs of their family first. The third majority is 16.8% who are brand-conscious cosmopolitans. According to Hakuhodo, these shoppers possess an abundance of product information and are extremely brand-conscious. They are active consumers in virtually every shopping category, including apparel, food and home furnishings. They spend freely on dining out, fashion for dressing up, beauty, hobbies, leisure, education and health care, but are also active savers and investors.

So from the numbers above, it is quite safe to say that most Filipino women are involved shoppers. According to a news portal Rappler, Filipino purchase can be divided to these four: beauty, hygiene, health and convenience. It states that for businesses to thrive, these are the four aspects that they should focus on. This is because the women care about how they look; with 72% of them specifically wanting to improve the state of their hair and complexion.

According to Euromonitor International, the economy in the Philippines is predicted to continue growing positively towards 2019. With continued inprovements and economic conditions, it is one of the best times to start a business that are preferable related to the above four factors that really encourage the people to consume.

Perhaps you are planning to open a store or franchise in this bustling metro city. Well, there is no better time than now to do so. Take hold of your brand and market it. Feed your audience with information so that they are educated about product. In Manila Metro, information is key.