This is the third episode of the shopping habits of women, with information extracted from a survey by Hakuhodo, a Japanese advertising company that looks into market search and conducts advertising surveys has found several traits among women shoppers in South East Asia. The agency surveyed women aged 15-54 in seven major cities in the region, asking them about their interests and habits.

They later categorise the habits that the women exhibited during their shopping escapades. This information is crucial because it helps you know about your target audience better. Knowing them will allow you to make the right decisions to target them towards your business or educate you about the relevance of your business to the community.

The most populous city in Indonesia and not falling too far from the top 10 most populous cities in the world is Jakarta. At 10.2 million people (as stated by on this western part of Java island, with an estimated 5 million being women. Now that is a lot of people that will be exposed to your store if it is located there.

According to the survey 40.3% of the women in Jakarta show the trait of Family and Community First shoppers. These women abstain from impulsive and emotional buys. They will usually head to a trusted store that provides items for a lower price. Thrifty and careful, another survey (Consumer’s Shopping Behaviour in Jakarta, Indonesia) that looked into the places where these ladies buy their everyday items; the findings stated that most chose to go to the market to purchase them (approximately 64% of the surveyed women with low to high income). Traditional marts that are located close to residential areas are also very popular among the women.

This links accurately with the findings of Hakuhodo. Most probably lack brand information and has low involvement with brands. Unlike the women in Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok, shopping appears to be viewed like any other housework for the women. Of course, this is also the result because most of the women are paid lower incomes than the other groups with more married and full-time housewives.

However, when thinking of ways to target to the people in this bustling metropolitan, it lies in social media. McKinsey & Company released a research on The Evolving Indonesian Consumer and the results will be able to help project possible marketing plans for businesses in Jakarta.

It is said that Jakarta has the most active Twitter users with 29 million accounts. It is now the most active Twitter city in the world. Despite heavy reliance on traditional retail channels, there is a steady growth of modern trade shares. It is expected to continue growing over the next few years with a projected reach of 87 billion by 2017 (according to the research). This means that there will be a growth in the numbers of malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets and stores.

If Jakarta is where you are heading for a business boom, there are several things that you need to take into consideration. Among them are your social media presence and a business model that enables fast scale-up. Do invest time in exploring social media to better engage with customers, drive brand awareness so that the consumers trust your brand.