The sirens go off. Everyone scrambles out of the building. The police cars screech to a stop and surround the building. There is silence except for the buzz of the walkie-talkie.

That is Hollywood for you – and what I imagine would happen if there is a security breach or when there is a bank robbery.

But these security breaches are real, although with much less drama and a lot more complication from what was mentioned in the first paragraph.

Recently, Hilton Worldwide has fallen victim to security breach. There was a leak in the guests’ credit card information. It happened just days after Starwood Hotels (I am sure you have heard of their Sheraton and Westin chains) reported that some payment card data held by the group had been compromised.

It happens to multi-national corporations, and it can happen to you too. To avoid complications like these, we need to look into safer and encrypted alternatives. Ones that are accessible and yet protected from prying eyes.

There is one alternative that will keep your data, along with your customer’s details safe. Sure, we have all heard it before. It is none other than cloud – keeping your essential data in cloud.

With cloud, information that is transferred is immediately encrypted. Even when the information is travelling back and forth, the encrypted data is impossible to read even if someone captures the files. Cloud services utilize complex security methods compared to your computer device, making the data that is stored on cloud an added level of protection.

The only thing you need to take note of is your password. Carelessness about your password enables hackers to go right to the heart of your data.

Most enterprises today are making the big move from the traditional POS system to a cloud POS. Users like Netflix and AirBnB is claimed to have stated that cloud is the way toward the future of business. Cloud has now reached a stage where it can run any type of enterprise application at a more economical, fast and secure way than any other connection to date.

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