The end of the year is coming and everyone knows it is time to slash the prices and get everyone on a shopping frenzy. It’s time to clear items that have been on the shelf for way too long and also promote seasonal items. We love the sales season too, and that is why we have accumulated a few things you need to take note off for a less chaotic festive/shopping season.

  1. Identify Items to Boost

This is the basis of your promotion. There are things you would want to clear from your collection of stocks or might want to package for the upcoming festive season. Take time to scout around for ideas.  Be also on the lookout for trends that customers might follow in the near future. Load on them and start envisioning the way you are going to promote the items.

  1. Tell Your Customers

Spread the love to your customers by letting them know about the coming promotions. If possible, plan a secret sale or give an extra discount on top of the sales for those who have been faithful customers to your store. You can do this by sending them automated SMSes or emails so that they will be alerted and might just save up to shop at your store.

  1. Brain Storm Creative Promotion Ideas

It’s a rat race in the business world. And that includes all retail businesses. Be ahead by taking time to brain storm creative and out-of-the-box ideas that will keep your brand name and promotion in the minds of your target audience. Keep in mind that social media is a powerful tool that should not be excluded when it comes to posting special promotions.

  1. Create a Timeline

After you have planned and brain stormed your ideas in hopes that it will be a successful sales season, it is time to get to work. Draw out a timeline of when to start ordering, packing and promoting the items. Keep on track with your timeline so that you will be equipped for your customers from the start until the end of the promotion.

  1. Get Everyone Involved

Although planning is done by the top management, be sure to announce and keep the other employees involved. Do not only tell them a day before the sales season. This is a tip to keep hem excited and motivated. Allow them to share the news with the customers that they meet before the sale season and encourage them to share it on social media. Everyone is important to ensure a successful festive sales season.

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