Technology is moving almost as fast as lightning with new advances in so many areas every day. It is important that the retail business does not stay stagnant but keep on improving and realigning itself to be relevant to the world today and the interests of your customers.
Xilnex can help you do just that by implementing three different payment types that do not consist of ‘Cash or Credit Card’. With almost everything going zoom-zoom-zoom, we decided to apply faster and more efficient payment schemes to help you up your productivity.


Do not be confused with online payment because the Alipay that can be implemented on every Xilnex POS is a mobile payment wallet. Alipay mobile wallet application is a cashless payment option that can be used to make payment at F&B or retail outlets. Malaysia’s largest financial service providers, Maybank and CIMB Bank have partnered with China’s Ant Financial Services Group to enable the use of Alipay mobile wallet by Chinese tourists. At this point of time, there are more than 450 million users in China and beyond. Although it has not penetrated the South East Asian market it must be noted that throngs Chinese tourists are penetrating tourist spots. Providing Chinese tourists with a convenient and secure payment experience will improve their spending power. Payments are easy as the cashier only has to key in the Alipay code into Xilnex and payment can be processed.


When asked about Touch ‘n’ Go, one would probably say that it is a convenient way to pay tolls on the highway or expressway. Yes, but it is much more than that. Touch ‘n’ Go is a prepaid smartcard that uses contactless technology. The information contained in the card will be read and written via magnetic induction using a specific radio frequency and smartcard software. Therefore, apart from tolls, Touch ‘n’ Go can also be used to pay for items you buy in store – provided that the store implements it. If you are doubting the power of the Touch ‘n’ Go card, consider this; there are more than 17 million active Touch ‘n’ Go cards roaming around with for than 6 million transactions (in average) per day. Many major retail stores are service providers have expanded their payment types to include prepaid payments like Touch ‘n’ Go.


Another cool mobile application to aid payments is BOOST. It is a mobile wallet that increases payment flexibility, linking daily life with the mobile world. Fast, easy, secure and laden with rewards, it omits the need for your customers to use cash and that their payment is just a mobile scan away. Xilnex is now integrated with BOOST, giving your customers more reason to spend in your store. The BOOST app does not only offer hassle-free payment, it also allows for free money transfers, rewards upon top-ups, digital vouchers, gifting features and bill payments. This mobile payment app is fairly new but gaining more and more traction because it has revolutionised the shopping experience, making it easy and secure.