Disasters don’t come like a friendly knock on the door nor does it post a note of warning saying “Hey, just a heads up because some destruction is coming your way!”

If that was the case, we’d always be ready for a disaster.

Alas, that is not how a tragedy is accustomed to presenting itself.

Therefore, we must always equip ourselves to defend against it.

One of the most important things that have to be kept from being a casualty during a disaster is information (not human, I know – but still very important). It’s the reason that during emergencies like fire or flood, we are told to leave everything behind and only grab important documents with us – if there is time.

I am here to tell you that safe keeping information is possible. Yes, it is, with cloud technology. Information that is synced to the cloud is kept in a space in the Internet universe and though you may lose hardware, you are able to access it through another device by simply logging into your information.

Cloud provides disaster recovery as a service, servers manned by a third-party that provides information security and recovery at an event of a catastrophe. There are two terms that you would like to know when it comes to disaster recovery on cloud. They are RTO and RPO.

RTO is the recovery time objective. It is the time that lapses from when a disaster strikes up until users can be connected to the information again. RPO is the recovery point objective. This is more of a concern for business owners (it might be you) that need this information ASAP to rebuild your business again. It is the depth of information that you will want to dig into. Days? Months? Years?

With Xilnex Cloud POS, we function much more than providing you with a point-of-sale system. Its more than a management system. It also provides you with information to fall back on in case of emergency. We believe it is a crucial to provide flexibility with minimal investment. Hence our affordable prices and high quality functions.

Keep your information intact though any situation by using Xilnex Cloud POS. Try it today!