One Month? Nah, we are feeling really generous today!

What say you about a THREE-MONTH FREE subscription to Xilnex CloudPOS upon sign up? Yes, we believe in your business and want you to get the most out of Xilnex as we look forward to helping you build your business empire.

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Xilnex System is very customer-oriented, not just in terms user-friendliness but it is also able to customise its functions to suit my business.
- AGift

So What Are You Getting?

Xilnex Standard Package
Basically you will have the chance to experience without any restrain. While we also even allow you to go live with this account once you sign-up the form above.
Inventory System
The life blood of the POS is your inventory. All you have to do is to export the Xilnex format, update it with your item information and import it into the system. Voila, you are ready to rumble.
Don’t let unstable Internet connections leave you distraught. With Xilnex, it does not matter if theyou are online or offline, the sale must go on. All information will be synced automatically once the Internet is back on, so nothing goes missing- ever!

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2000+ stores use Xilnex to run their business.
So what are you waiting for?