“Wait, what did she say?”

“No bean sprouts, extra Hollandaise sauce, slightly salted butter and ketchup on the side.”

“Or was it unsalted butter?”

“She did say something about her allergy to some kind of nut…”

“Was it peanuts? Walnuts?”

For those who have ever waited on someone at a restaurant who had a lot of demands, you would know the pain of remembering every demand that the customer wanted. Sometimes, it’s not the waiter but the kitchen who gets the demands mixed up.

Well, technology has advanced to the advantage of those who work in an F&B.

Measurement control; that is what we at Xilnex call it.

When a waiter takes an order, it can be taken from a mobile device or written to be keyed in at a station provided in the outlet. Each order can be customised from the amount of salt, pepper or sugar to additional items that the customer wants on their dish. By looking into these tiny matters that are requested by the customers, it actually makes them happy because they feel that their needs and wants matter to the people that serve them. By making them happy, you keep them coming back.

Another important trait that comes with the measurement control is making consistent food.

Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves really good food but after a few months, the same dish that you order tastes different? Avoid all that by having accurate measurements for all ingredients put into a particular dish.

Consistency can now be controlled using Xilnex.

With the power to manage food using technology, it will be evident that there is less food wastage. With everything recorded, planning ahead when purchasing fresh goods can also be coordinated more accurately, preventing fresh food from getting bad and ultimately saving money.

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