We celebrated Earth Hour a few weeks ago and this weekend, all eyes will be turned towards our beloved planet again in celebration of Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, its sole purpose was to raise awareness and support towards environmental protection. Although it has gained much traction from environmentalists, we at Xilnex do not think it is enough to cause a change of mind-set of the majority of our planet’s inhabitants.

This post is dedicated to our beloved earth in which we sow so much of our time and energy not to forget our descendants…

But back to the topic of interest, Xilnex has crafted our software in a way that holds the vulnerability of our planet in mind. In our own little way, we try to reduce the carbon footprint we make here in hopes that our efforts will snowball to something that will create more impact as our customers start using our system as well. So far, our customers love these features because it helps them save cost. Less material usage, less rubbish, less money spent, the happier Mother Earth would be.

Let’s have a look at some of the features that help our customers be better residents of earth.

  1. Paper Less

If there is one thing that needs to be reduced (other than our dire craving for crude oil), it would be the use of paper. If you did not already know, paper is made from trees that, unfortunately for us, take years and years to grow before its bark can be harvested to be made into paper. Well, traditionally, that is how it would happen.

In today’s context, we do have a lot of recycling centres in operation that will recreate clean paper without falling trees down for it.

Then again, wouldn’t it be better if we had no need for it at all? With Xilnex, that is possible. Payment orders, receipts, orders and reports do not need to be printed at all. Generate files that can be sent via email without the need to hit print and hence, paper is not needed. We have to keep up with the digital age after all. Are you on board?


  1. Waste Management

If there is one word that makes us shake our head in disappointment, it would be waste. Waste of time, waste of resources, waste of effort… it is a loss that cannot be redeemed. For businesses, waste can worth a lot and if not curbed, it might mean loss of profit by a large margin.

Therefore, we have come up with something that would really help F&B’s with their waste. Why F&B? Because food are perishables that cannot be reused when it is spoilt. With a system that can track what is bought and what is wasted, our customers can then make plans or arrangements for their weekly or daily purchases to avoid wastage. Also, with recipe control, it helps to track what is being used in the food. After patrons of the restaurant leave, what is left over? Must the menu be altered to suit what your customers like to eat? Now isn’t kindness present in the truth that Xilnex can show you through our reports?


  1. Warehouse Management System

Are you managing a huge warehouse? Loads of transfers in and out along with deliveries? How do you actually keep track of them without the presence of a pen and paper to officially conclude the transfer from one department to another, from one dealer to another or a delivery to another?

Well, we’ve got a paperless solution that only requires your mobile device.

Yes, that is true.

With Xilnex, you can scan a barcode and do transactions via your mobile. Ahh, the flexibility that cloud brings!

To confirm the receive, just pen your signature right on your touch screen device and it’s complete. No papers, just your handy mobile to do the job.


  1. Mobile Ordering System

While this may not be the latest in our digital world, the mobile ordering system is being used more often by many restaurants and cafes in this day and age. And oh, we must stress how much waste is reduced just by having this system. Firstly, there is no need to print and reprint menus when there is a change. All you have to do is upload it onto the system and tadah, your patrons can order it right away. There is no need for ordering chits that will be handed from your guests, to the waiter to the kitchen. With this ordering system, the risk of human error is reduced to zilch!

So what are you doing to observe Earth Day this year? What about making your business more environmentally friendly?