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Powered by Millennials for Millennials

I’ll let you in to a secret… Xilnex is powered by Millennials.  You know there has been much talk about Millennials in the media recently and if you don’t already know, it is about our bad reputation (notice I wrote our, because yes, I am part of that category as well). An article in the […]

Making it Earth Day Part of Everyday

We celebrated Earth Hour a few weeks ago and this weekend, all eyes will be turned towards our beloved planet again in celebration of Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, its sole purpose was to raise awareness and support towards environmental protection. Although it has gained much traction from environmentalists, we at Xilnex do not […]

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Waste Not!

Are you running a food and beverage business? Are you managing a quick service café, a Chinese restaurant, a takeaway food kiosk, or a themed eatery? Service may be running smoothly but what happens behind the scenes might be questionable. What do I mean? Well, the waste from the food. Many kitchens produce as much […]

The Empowerment of Women

Women have come a long way from being labeled as the weaker of the human species. However, that does not mean that the fight for equality is over.   The battle for equal pay and to permeate the glass ceiling that seems to be unreachable for women is still on going. I mean, let’s do a […]

Dream One Size Bigger

Yes, the title is taken from an excerpt of John C. Maxwell’s book ‘How Successful People Think’ and how true it is if we apply that to our business every day, we might just find ourselves more successful that where we are today. If you are already dreaming that way, well, isn’t that amazing? Other […]

Fairest of them all!

Forget about how far point of sale systems has come and look at how far it is going to go. Basics are just not good enough anymore. Just like the revolution of a mobile phone, it is not enough just to make calls but it has to have other substantial features such as the camera, […]

Supporting Your Language

With a rapidly expanding business base in South East Asia, Xilnex understands that it has to cater to many items in the inventory that might not be in the English language (or a language using Romanised alphabets). Therefore, to make our system friendlier to our customers, items on your list (this includes customers, suppliers and […]

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Target the Tourists

It’s undeniable that the countries that sum up ASEAN are unique and very much treasured by wanderlust-ers around the world. The ASEAN region consists of countries with different economic abilities, natural wonders and captivating cultures. Tap into the potential that the unique countries ASEAN offers. Here, Xilnex lists some possible business and investment opportunities for […]

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‘Them Feels’ February

Before you read the rest of this article, let’s take a minute to sit back and reflect on how you feel. Relaxed, optimistic, stressed or maybe a little under the weather? Bring these feelings with you and enter a retail outlet. You will find that with different feelings, you will connect with the items in […]

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Jumpstart January : Predicting Indonesian Retail

It’s 2016. What is your plan? To kick start this year, another series will commence that will look at the Business Optimism Index (BOI) among ASEAN countries as presented by Dun& Bradstreet. This quarterly conducts surveys from a sample selected from the Dun & Bradstreet database. The respondents are asked six standard questions on their […]