Everybody loves a party and this year, it’s time to spice it up more to attract more people to your party.

Here are some suggestions on how to do it.

  1. Holiday menu

Turkey? What about premium red wine? Yes to pork stuffing and never forget the pudding and pies. No matter what your F&B is like, it’s always good to introduce some holiday flavour to your menu. Celebrating seasons is contagious. A particular holiday may not be celebrated by a specific community, but the more commercialised it is, the more people will make an effort to celebrate it. Play the part and encourage people to celebrate (and spend) at your place.

  1. Holiday treat

Aww, come on. Who does not love treats? Entice your customers by giving out treats for a minimum expenditure at your F&B. It may be a buy one free one, a discount voucher, a monogrammed item that represents your store or a gift card. After all, it’s a season of giving and sharing a treat or two will just encourage people to tell others about your place.

  1. Be a Santa with your customers

Tis the season of giving; and your customers know it too. Why not extend a hand and help the not so fortunate, alongside your customers. Getting your customers involved for good will is great for marketing your brand. Try getting your customers to create Christmas cards to be sold in aid for the less fortunate, drop wrapped presents or simply having a dish where all profits go to an organisation that helps the less fortunate.

  1. Involve customers with deco

One of the many things that will get people into the festive mood is decoration; especially Christmas decorations. Think snowflakes, snow sprays, mistletoes, holly leaves and Christmas trees. If you do have a chalk board or wall, involve your customers to be the creators of the Christmas spirit in your restaurant/café.

  1. Do a countdown

So you have decided to have the holiday celebrations. You have a new menu, treats and all things Christmassy lined up for your customers. One thing you should not forget is to establish anticipation amongst your customers and those who walk pass your restaurant/café. Take it from the movies. They always have a countdown to the premiere and you can do that for your holiday party. Educate the people around that you have something really special that is about to happen and put up a countdown. Make your F&B the talk of the town!

  1. Integrate emails with promotions

Treat your loyal customers by telling them you have special gifts/treats/discounts for them by sending them emails to inform them. Better still, you could integrate your emails with barcodes or coupon codes so they can print out your email and receive their treats when they visit your store. In fact, it’s one of the latest marketing moves amongst entrepreneurs today.

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