Simply love animals and toying with the idea of opening a pet store?

No problem. However, it will be great if you keep these in mind.

  1. Know the Industry

It’s very likely that your pet store will not be only the pet store on the block. If it is, be sure to educate yourself about how other people run their pet store. Not because you are supposed to emulate it but it is great if you can see what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly, what original element do you want to implement in your store that might just set you apart.

  1. Pet Affiliates

No man is an island and it is the same with any business. Get to know your future partners like vets, dog hotels or grooming places because you will be asked a lot of questions from your customers on where to send their pets when something happens to them. By doing this, your store might just get recommendations from these affiliates

  1. Plan the Store

Put all your thoughts on paper; budgets, in-store interior, decorations, promotion ideas, renovation, advertisements and more. This plan will help you create a timeline. With that timeline, start to build your store and watch your dream become reality.

  1. Stocks

Stocks in a pet store are tricky because you literally have ‘live’ stock. Know what kind of pets can be sold so as to not get on the wrong side of the law. Get insurance for your different kinds of stocks and license to hold these stocks. Be sure to keep all these information in hand because you will need to advice and hand it over to a future pet-owner that buys their beloved from your store.

  1. Smart Inventory

Start your business in an orderly manner. It is so much better to clean up as you go than having a messy inventory that will cause a headache in the future. Note all your items and animals and note them down digitally, preferably on cloud. You know how an inconvenience it is when data is lost and you will have to re-key everything all over again.

  1. Connect with Customers

As with any retail business, customer service is important, but as a pet store, it holds much more importance as you will hold the responsibility to recommend, to advise and have an appearance where you are an animal lover before a customer can trust you. Be sure to get their emails or contact number so that if there are any details regarding their pet or what their pet needs, they are just a holler away.


Opening a pet store requires a lot of dedication and love for furry, and at times, non-furry animals. It requires high maintenance and skill to operate. However, Xilnex can make your job easier and give you some breathing space. Xilnex handles all inventories, employee care and customer relations management seamlessly. Be sure to check out our home site for more details.