Forget about how far point of sale systems has come and look at how far it is going to go. Basics are just not good enough anymore. Just like the revolution of a mobile phone, it is not enough just to make calls but it has to have other substantial features such as the camera, the ability to access the internet to even the simplest functions such as a calculator, alarm clock, and weather forecast.

Similarly, today’s point of sale (POS) must go beyond just capturing sale transactions. Xilnex has caught on that and has been working relentlessly to provide an array of features that our retailers need. These include loyalty systems, inventory visibility, omnichannel fulfillment processes and promotion generating features.

Other than just providing these features on a single locale, there has been a slight shift when it comes to retail. With the existence of e-commerce, there has been a move and a boom for retail businesses to run online without a brick and mortar. However, there comes a time when even the online retail would need to present its products at a location to move slow moving products; that is when pop-up stores and non-permanent stores are set up. They are not frequent but happen often enough to need a POS system.

There are also stores with an enormous inventory that tour, operating fairs that bring about thousands flocking its premises. It is a similar module, just bigger and with more specifications to adhere to. This retail trend for big and small corporations has been around for quite some time and is gaining traction.

Around the South East Asia region, a retail force was ready for an ambush, unbeknownst to the owners as well. A book retail powerhouse, Big Bad Wolf book sale was first held at Dataran Hamodal in 2009, three years after their store by the name of Bookxcess was open. It soon caught the attention of many and drew crowds to their book sales. As anyone might guess, it expanded.

Fast forward to today, you can even label it as a touring book fair. With a dream to make books affordable for all, The Big Bad Wolf has a warehouse at a sizable 192,000 square feet and currently spreading its influence to other South East Asia regions such as Jakarta and Bangkok.

Now the question is, how can they find a POS that can accommodate with such a large inventory that is not situated in one locale and, wait for it… operates 24 hours?

Well, it is very possible with Xilnex.

Xilnex handles reports daily even without a closing time since it runs continuously for a week or two with no breaks in between. The POS can also keep track of their client database from online registrations, offering rebates for members. Since their promotions are also on the go, Xilnex handles it live. More requirements are continually being fulfilled for each coming fair, fast moving toward a comprehensive yet user-friendly and customer friendly experience.

Welcome to the prologue of the future.