Yes, the title is taken from an excerpt of John C. Maxwell’s book ‘How Successful People Think’ and how true it is if we apply that to our business every day, we might just find ourselves more successful that where we are today. If you are already dreaming that way, well, isn’t that amazing?

Other than thinking one size bigger on your own, surrounding yourself who dream bigger with you is not just important, but essential.

These days, it is rather difficult to dream a size bigger when the economy seems to be down and out with consumers practising caution with the things they spend on. One may feel dejected when Retail Group Malaysia downgraded Malaysia’s 2016 retail sales growth to 3% from 3.5% after the third quarter’s growth outcome fell below the market forecast.

In fact, Retail Group Malaysia’s report for 2017’s forecast presents it to be a ‘challenging year’ especially for retailers as consumers are faced with costlier goods and services and the plunging ringgit. Although reports are all gloom and doom, a path strewn with casualties, especially among small and medium business, those that have not hit a stable point to which they can carefully and successfully navigate the increasingly costly and difficult terrain.

There are some points we can actually take note from John C. Maxwell, an expert on leadership when facing adversities.

  1. Explore Possibilities

Resonating with Adidas’ campaign ‘Impossible is Nothing’ Maxwell tells its readers that when you believe that you can do something difficult- and when you succeed- many doors open for you. Even though this phrase has been thrown around a lot, it takes some courage to actually live it. It gets particularly harder when you are in a situation where you’d rather try to patch up the holes that appear in a (metaphorically) sinking boat than think of the possibility of overturning the boat and use it as a float.

The turning point could be exploring the possibility of going against company traditions, popular thinking, and adapting flexibility. When your view is turned towards possibilities, just maybe, your business will take a turn towards something better.

  1. Think Creatively

The great thing about thinking creatively is that you don’t need to be responsible for it. There are no holds barred when it comes to creative thinking. In fact, Maxwell states that creative thinking isn’t exactly original thinking. More often than not, it is a composite of other thoughts; probably an inspiration or a revised version of something worth imitating. Sometimes, creativity stems from asking your employees or the people involved with your business.

The late Annette Moser- Wellman, a key player in creative marketing once said, ‘Highly creative people are dedicated to ideas. They don’t rely on their talent alone; they rely on their discipline. Their imagination is like a second skin. They know how to manipulate it to its fullest.’ It’s probably time to hit the market creatively because really, once you are creative (or rely on others to help you with creative thinking), you and your business will eventually stand out amongst the crowd.

  1. See the Big Picture

Maybe it’s time to stop, take a deep breath and zoom out from the problems or the probable misfortune that a slowing economy might bring. After all, economic recessions come and go, working its cycle. Pretend the situation you are in is a jigsaw puzzle and just staring at it won’t fix the puzzle. It is only when you zoom out and capture the bigger picture, will you see the purpose of the jigsaw puzzle. It gives you a better perspective of where your company is at right now.

What’s more? Learning and forcing yourself to see the big picture invites continual learning of the business, inspires the longing for knowledge, opens your ears to listen to others and allows you to be a better leader. Think beyond yourself and your business and you might just catch the impending wave that will allow you to rise above challenges 2017 is said to bring.


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