What would life be without Internet connection? With the absence of it, communication would be paralysed, businesses would run slowly, there would be no Google, Facebook or Twitter and alas, there would probably be no Xilnex Cloud POS.

Today, as Google celebrates the life of Hedy Lamarr (9 November 1914 – 19 January 2000), Xilnex Cloud POS would like to do the same too.

A woman who made herself a name on the silver screen, this Austrian American actress also spent her free time delving into the sciences. She started to invent things and hence also dubbed as an inventor. One of the most noted inventions was inspired to help the Allied war effort (despite being married to a Nazi weapon distributor to which she ran away from) when she read about German submarines torpedoing passenger liners.

Her idea to make a radio signal that hops from one radio frequency to another to avoid jammed signals was patented in which she later gave it free of charge to the U.S. Navy. It was this invention that led to the incorporation of the modern wireless communication such as WiFi, CDMA and Bluetooth technology.

Thanks to Hedy Lamarr, we are able to progress in wireless technology, providing businesses with Cloud POS that functions by syncing information to the cloud with the presence of Internet connection. Hedy Lamarr’s initial invention along with Xilnex Cloud POS is able to ease the thousands of businesses we are supporting today with high security and high availability of their information in order to be up to date with their business, no matter where they are.