GST Tax Percentage Transition from 6% to 0%

There has been much change since Malaysia received her new government. With it came radical changes and one of it is the change of GST from 6% to 0%. For GST FAQ click on the btton below GST FAQ To aid this transition, we have come up with a complete manual to help aid this […]

Impulse Purchases – A Physical Store’s Weapon

This is likely because brick-and-mortar stores have more control over customers’ shopping experiences compared with e-tailers. You are able to make better layout and staffing decisions, not to mention more opportunities to engage people’s senses and to influence customers’ purchasing decisions. But first, let’s break things down and chew on this not-so-secret weapon that is […]

Payments Made Diverse

Technology is moving almost as fast as lightning with new advances in so many areas every day. It is important that the retail business does not stay stagnant but keep on improving and realigning itself to be relevant to the world today and the interests of your customers. Xilnex can help you do just that […]

7 Questions to ask your Cloud POS Provider

Are you looking for a Cloud POS for your retail or F&B business? Or maybe you are toying with the idea of moving from the traditional POS to Cloud? Maybe you are just wondering what other Cloud POS providers offer? Whatever it may be, we have come up with a list of questions to ask […]

Making it Earth Day Part of Everyday

We celebrated Earth Hour a few weeks ago and this weekend, all eyes will be turned towards our beloved planet again in celebration of Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, its sole purpose was to raise awareness and support towards environmental protection. Although it has gained much traction from environmentalists, we at Xilnex do not […]

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The Empowerment of Women

Women have come a long way from being labeled as the weaker of the human species. However, that does not mean that the fight for equality is over.   The battle for equal pay and to permeate the glass ceiling that seems to be unreachable for women is still on going. I mean, let’s do a […]

Fairest of them all!

Forget about how far point of sale systems has come and look at how far it is going to go. Basics are just not good enough anymore. Just like the revolution of a mobile phone, it is not enough just to make calls but it has to have other substantial features such as the camera, […]

‘Them Feels’ February

Before you read the rest of this article, let’s take a minute to sit back and reflect on how you feel. Relaxed, optimistic, stressed or maybe a little under the weather? Bring these feelings with you and enter a retail outlet. You will find that with different feelings, you will connect with the items in […]

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Jumpstart January : Predicting Indonesian Retail

It’s 2016. What is your plan? To kick start this year, another series will commence that will look at the Business Optimism Index (BOI) among ASEAN countries as presented by Dun& Bradstreet. This quarterly conducts surveys from a sample selected from the Dun & Bradstreet database. The respondents are asked six standard questions on their […]


Most businesses (if not all) would like their customer to be satisfied with their product or service. More than often, they would come up with ways to make sure their customer’s satisfaction is at its optimum. It’s the reason why some run start off with loyalty programs or give out special gifts to their customers. […]