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Thinking to Revamp Your Retail? Look into these Details!

The idea to refurbish and to undo the out of date designs in your retail store has been contemplated several times. If you are one of those who are looking to paint a new look to your store in efforts to draw more potential customers into your store, which is probably a good idea. Brand […]

Waste Not!

Are you running a food and beverage business? Are you managing a quick service café, a Chinese restaurant, a takeaway food kiosk, or a themed eatery? Service may be running smoothly but what happens behind the scenes might be questionable. What do I mean? Well, the waste from the food. Many kitchens produce as much […]

What’s with Loyalty Cards?

It seems like almost every about-to-be-established business is giving out loyalty cards or giving memberships to their customers. However, it does not mean that if everyone is doing it, you should do it too, right? Well, let’s get some expert advice on this… According to the 2007/2008 Customer Research Report by Parago, it showed that […]

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An F&B Intelligence

Stash the paper and pen because restaurants and cafes are getting digitised. Confusion from customer to waiter to the kitchen crew is erased by using technology to convey orders. An entrance is made for Cloud POS System that seeks to provide a better dining experience for patrons and ease the work of the restauranteur and workers. Customisable from all […]

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