Stash the paper and pen because restaurants and cafes are getting digitised. Confusion from customer to waiter to the kitchen crew is erased by using technology to convey orders.

An entrance is made for Cloud POS System that seeks to provide a better dining experience for patrons and ease the work of the restauranteur and workers. Customisable from all angles, you are able to fit odd demands for your F&B into Cloud POS.

With information available from anywhere that has Internet connectivity, view progress of the restaurant, create and edit menus and access pricing lists, customer bills, and employee clock-ins.

With a Cloud POS system that handles F&B management, the wait staff only has to key in information of an order on an electronic portable device used by the outlet and precise customer orders will be sent to the kitchen.

It’s easy to manage an F&B, especially with smart management Cloud POS Systems.

Xilnex can do that for you.