This is for those who are operating a small store thinking that they do not need what those professionals with big stores in malls have, think again. Of course, there are some instances that a Cloud POS may seem too posh for a small hobby business venture but wait, let’s evaluate.

  1. Operate Anywhere

The great thing about Cloud POS is that it can operate anywhere. Maybe you don’t have a regular stall where you run your business from. Maybe it is just a weekend gig or a pop-up stall during festivals. Cloud POS can be your confidant to do exactly that. Portable and accessible (there is always mobile data or Wi-Fi anyway), have your sales recorded there and then without the need to recount when you get back from a full-day because all sales are accounted for using the POS.


  1. Hardware? What hardware?

Usually, when people think about a POS system, they think about the investment they have to put in which sometimes prove unworthy of such a large investment. With Cloud POS, it is the total opposite because you can work with your existing hardware. Yes, take a laptop. If your business is small enough, you don’t need barcode scanners. All you need is a robot to help you with your accounts and your business organisation. Do it all on your laptop or your tablet. It’s the 21st century after all.


  1. Growth

You may sell your products or provide your services from home. No worries, we don’t judge.  However, if business growth is something you are looking at then you have to start somewhere. You will need to work smart instead of work hard. Cloud POS can help you do just that. Leave all the accounts and organisation to a program and focus on something that is out of the box, an idea that a computer can think up.


  1. Accuracy

If it is something that a program does best, it is providing accuracy. With Cloud POS, or any POS for that matter, you are guaranteed to get better inventory tracking and detailed reports that will enable you to forecast sales in the future.

Low investment and high returns is what you would want to opt for; and that is what Xilnex Cloud POS can do for you. Try out our 30-day free trial today.