Remember how people used to think about how the future would be like? Images of holograms walking the street (I have no idea why holograms would want to walk the street if they are just holograms; they could’ve have just appeared whenever summoned though electrical lines, can’t they?), flying cars with everything that comes instantly.

I must say that the future is already here. Of course, not the way that Hollywood predicted it; but close enough.

You know all the futuristic things like taking thumbprints or eye scans, using mirrors as digital screens to try out clothes or walking out of a store and everything is paid for without going to the counter to purchase your stuff? We’ll, Xilnex Cloud POS is quite close to that technology.

Let me break it down for you.

  1. Biometrics

According to Wikipedia, biometrics refers to metrics related to human characteristics. Making use of our biometrics, we can make authentications. We have been doing thumbprint recognitions for some time by using ink.

However, biometric identification has been adopted by Xilnex to ease employee management. Cashiers will have to press their finger on the finger print scanner, which will log them onto the POS based system.

This helps to identify training needed for a particular staff, increases accuracy and reduces the chances of theft.

Incorporating the finger scan technology has eliminated the need for employee punch cards (which can be altered) and pin numbers (which can be used by others).

  1. Customer Relationship Management

Keep your employees close, and your customers closer. To do so, be sure to have an advanced CRM system that will support all the plans you may have to keep your customers coming back.

Today is the future, and we are not limited to just giving great service when they come in through our doors. The future gives you the power to extend your reach to those who might have never even stepped into your store before. Let’s call them… your pre-customers.  Send alerts, thank you emails, did-you-know texts and special vouchers, probably just by liking your Facebook page or buying a little soap bar from your store.

  1. Mobile Technology

On the move; that is what everyone is doing. In this fast paced ‘future’ slow down and you’ll be lagging behind. Many stores are now looking into new options of mobile technology. Just like the hologram meetings you see in Star Wars movies, you are able to do that with your business meetings (without holograms though) via mobile devices. All reports are also mobile and in real-time.

It’s not just about communication but the ease to get the work done. Just like having robots just that these POS robots don’t take up space because it is a software system.

So, what say you? The future has arrived and is changing the business world fast. Are you ready to embrace it?

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