Sometimes when I enter a grocery store or a drug store, I am often left to ask myself which is worth buying; or if it is what I need.

Well, here is a suggestion, straight from the customer’s mouth. Of course, you must be wise about approaching a customer because if you come on too strongly, a customer might just put whatever it is that they are holding on to and walk out the store.

No, that is not a great idea. Nor is it great to create sales for your store.

Probably ‘Product-Know-It-All’s’ would be a great idea to have in your store. I don’t mean just computerised information providers, but staff who help people around the store that have digital information about every product in store.

Introducing Xilnex as the weapon to make this happen, a tag to show that you are a customer confidant and a smile…

Let’s say a customer waves at you for help. He questions about the difference between one box of cherry tomatoes with another box. All you might see is the difference in size but wait, using Xilnex to store all the minutest details on a certain product will help you and your customer with their decision.

Zap on the barcodes and there you have it. Advice your customer on the item which you would think is better for them. The customer might be looking for cherry tomatoes to be eaten raw or to be cooked with pasta. Maybe they are looking for an organic option. Or maybe a sweeter option. Whatever it is, when it is recorded on Xilnex can help you help your customers.

Trust me, that will earn you brownie points, just for being attentive to your customers.