1.       Genuine Interaction

No, it’s not just a call of greeting every time a customer walks into your store.  That can prove to be a little annoying at times. Genuine interaction encompasses a greeting that is towards a particular customer and ensuring that if they need any help, you’ll be right there to help them. No pressure.


2.       Respect your Customers

This is beyond saying and acting on the saying that ‘customers are always right’. It’s knowing you are customers to others as well and it takes one to know one. Do not scowl when a person does not purchase a product from your store. Your kind gestures will give a good impression and keep them coming back.


3.       Quick Payment

Customers want to be able to pay and leave as soon as possible. Do not hold them back from doing so. Make sure your POS is always up to date and working efficiently. IF the manager is not in the premise, be sure to have remote control access so that you can serve your customers without any hiccups.


4.       Knowledgeable Staff

When in a store and you are understand further about a product that you are thinking of purchasing, nothing is more of a turn-off than a sales person who does not know the product well and replies ‘I don’t know’ to your questions. Train your staff well so that they will be able to connect with your customers effectively.


5.       Good CRM

Give your customers special privileges just for being your customers. People will naturally reciprocate when they are treated well. It doesn’t matter if you are rewarding your customers with points, gifts, discounts or samples, it is very important to acknowledge their support for your business. Your way of thanking them will keep them happy and keep them coming back.